Cornell is a leader in computer graphics, an interdisciplinary area that draws on many specialties including algorithms, physics, computation, psychology, computer vision, and architecture.

The Program of Computer Graphics is dedicated to the development of interactive computer graphics techniques and the use of these techniques in a variety of applications. The graduate students based in our lab have pursued degrees in the fields of Architecture, Art, Computer Science, Material Science, Perception Psychology, and Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Our Director holds a joint appointment in many of these departments, including Computer Science, Architecture, Art, Engineering, and the Johnson Graduate School of Management.

At the undergraduate level courses include Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age and innovative Architectural Design Studio. Related courses include Interactive Computer Graphics and Computer Vision in the Computer Science Department. Our ties to the field of architecture and computer science go back to the beginning of the lab in 1973. Our current interests involve virtual and augmented reality, physically based on-line rendering, visual perception, foveated rendering, input methods based on 3D sketching, and storytelling for virtual reality.