The Program of Computer Graphics is not accepting new graduate students at this time. General Graduate School inquires should be made directly through the Cornell Graduate School.

In addition to the courses taught, we offer a limited number of independent study and research positions for current undergrad students at Cornell. For more information, see the Student Research Opportunities section of this site.

Over more than 25 years, the nearly 200 graduates of our program have pursued a wide range of careers in academia, industry, and government. Employment has never been a problem for our graduates, who are often selecting among competing job offers as they finish their work here at Cornell. 

We are especially gratified that many of our graduates have become teachers and mentors to others in the field, either as professors in the ranks of our leading universities or as senior research staff in industry. Our graduates work in fields such as architecture, color science, hardware design, medical visualization, shared collaborative workspaces, and (of course) global illumination rendering. Many of our graduates are leaders with the major computer graphics and animation companies, while others have pursued individual entrepreneurial goals or have applied their computer graphics skills in engineering, finance, or public service. 

The field of computer graphics touches new fields and contributes to new disciplines every year, and the broad base of mathematical, scientific, engineering, and artistic skills we teach will provide a lasting career foundation to our graduates.